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Best beer destinations in Europe

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Best beer destinations in Europe

Europe is the perfect place to explore if you are a beer lover as so many types of this very popular drink are brewed in this continent.

The only issue is where to start, so we have put together a list of some of the best beer destinations in Europe to get you started!


No European beer guide is complete with Belgium as this country is essentially the beer capital of the world. Drinking beer in Belgium even has a place on the UNESCO list as a cultural experience, so taking part in this activity is an absolute must!

Each beer will tend to come in its own branded glass so you will be able to keep track of exactly what you have tried throughout your sampling sessions, and you will find an amazing selection no matter where you visit, whether it be Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp or beyond.

The standard lager is called Juliper, but Leffe and Kwak are also very good and popular among beer fans.


Famous for its annual beer festival, Oktoberfest, it is unsurprising that Germany is one of the top beer destinations in Europe, and festivals inspired by this are now common around the world.

Head to Munich for an amazing beer experience including beer halls, traditional music, and plenty of delicious German food. Plus you may even find yourself in a beer garden that dates as far back as 1812! For a quieter trip, head to Bremen, the home of Becks, where you can take a tour to learn all there is to know about this popular beer.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s Budvar beer was the inspiration for America’s Budweiser which shows just how famous this beer has become.

Most of the beer in the Czech Republic is larger or pilsner based but craft beers are slowly making their way into some of the country’s best bars, especially in its capital city, Prague.

So if you love beer don’t delay to order some brochures for some of these best beer destinations in Europe and plan your trip today!