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Fancy going on a holdiay where you can see a range of places? A cruise holiday is the perfect choice for you. 

From River Cruises to Luxury Cruises there is plenty to choice from in our range of Cruise brochures. 

Keep an eye out for new brochures which are added on as our range is always changing. You can choose up to 10 brochures from this catergory or any other, and we will get them sent out for free within 2 working days.


  1. Our favourites

    Norwegian Coastal Voyage 2020


    Hurtigruten have been sailing the Norwegian coast every day since 1893, giving us unparalleled experience of and love for these waters. This brochure covers sailings from June 2019 - December 2020. Book a trip in any of the four awe-inspiring seasons to experience an unforgettable adventure.


  2. If you’ve been dreaming about setting sail for some of the world’s most inviting destinations, then make 2020 the year you experience one of our favourite ways to travel. Born out of our lifelong passion for the sea, our small ship cruises indulge your spirit for adventure aboard custom-crafted ships handpicked for the destination.


  3. Hurtigruten’s iconic route along the Norwegian coast has been dubbed the ‘world’s most beautiful voyage’ and with good reason. Having been sailing this route for 126 years, Hurtigruten will be your expert ‘hosts of the coast’ as you embark upon an enriching voyage of adventure and discovery. Book a trip in any of the four awe-inspiring seasons and you are sure to experience an unforgettable journey.


  4. Picture the perfect holiday in a place that leaves you speechless, where the sights you see and the experiences you have are the stuff of stories that never end… Travelling is all about storytelling – and with 95 years of experience exploring North America from coast to coast, our family has some pretty amazing tales to tell.

  5. Princess 2020 Cruise Directory

    Hebridean Island Cruises

    Hebridean Princess 2020 -  Carrying just 50 like-minded guests with a crew of 38. Offering fully inclusive cruises to the Highlands & Islands of Scotland, Orkney and  Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Norway.

  6. 2020 European River Cruise Collection

    Hebridean Island Cruises

    2020 European River Cruise Collection - Offering wonderfully planned itineraries on the Dutch and Belgian Waterways and the River Danube. The Royal Crown carries just 70 guests and embodies the finest level of service with a warm welcoming ambience.