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    Worldwide Cruise Holidays 2024/25


    Trailfinders is the leading expert at worldwide tailormade travel, offering unbeatable value and exceptional service. With every corner of the world covered, we've combined our cruise expertise with our tailormade travel experience to bring you a huge selection of holidays in our Worldwide cruise brochure.

  2. Antarctica Expedition Cruises 24/25

    Hurtigruten Expeditions

  3. Arctic Expedition Cruises 24/25

    Hurtigruten Expeditions

  4. Ambassador Worldwide Cruises 24/25 Season

    Ambassador Cruise Line Ltd

    The premium value, no-fly cruise line where you can enjoy an authentic experience and the warmest welcome at sea. 

  5. The Haven by Norwegian

    Norwegian Cruise Line Group UK Limited

    The Haven by Norwegian®, an exclusive enclave accessible by private keycard with our most luxurious and well-appointed accommodation. Bask in tranquility in The Haven Courtyard and indulge in the unparalleled personal service of a certified butler and concierge. Experience true luxury at sea on a holiday you’ll never forget.