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In the need of a break? Take a look at our selection of brochures where you can choose from city, weekend and short breaks. 

Whether it’s a short trip to France or a festive trip to Lapland, we have all you need in our Breaks selection.

Keep an eye out for new brochures which are added on to BrochureBank as our range is always changing. You can choose up to 10 brochures from this category or any other, and we will get them sent out for free within 2 working days.


  1. Closer to Home 2020

    Prestige Holidays

  2. Experience the golden age of travel in day excursions to cities, castles & sporting events. Share the experience with family & friends travelling through the British countryside. Superb on-board cuisine is a highlight of every trip, served in style among the vintage marquetry.

  3. Madeira & The Algarve 2020

    Prestige Holidays

  4. France 2020

    Kirker Holidays

    Our holidays to France are easily accessible by air, Eurotunnel or ferry arriving to Paris or Lyon or Bordeaux in less than a few hours. We include museum tickets and our Kirker Concierge is at your disposal to book restaurants, opera or a private guide to ensure the right balance of style, comfort and culture.

  5. Scene