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If you want to pack in as many sights in to your next holiday, then booking a touring holiday is definitely for you!

Not only does an adventure and touring holiday allow you to tick off a bunch of destinations from your travel bucket list, but there is also the chance to experience amazing places and different cultures in one holiday!

Keep an eye out for new brochures which are added on as our range is always changing. You can choose up to 10 brochures from this category or any other, and we will get them sent out for free within 2 working days.


  1. India 2021/22

    Wendy Wu Tours

  2. China 2021/22

    Wendy Wu Tours

  3. Adventures your children will never forget.

  4. Tailor-make an Africa adventure.

  5. Amtrak brings you right to the heart of your destination, so you can maximize your time and money.

  6. Japan 2022-23

    Wendy Wu Tours

    Escorted Group Tours, Private Tours and Tailormade holidays to Japan, Taiwan and South Korea for 2022-23.

  7. Escorted Group Tours, Private Tours and Tailormade Holidays to Southeast Asia and New Zealand for 2022-23.