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Five Things to Eat in Canada

Thursday 09 May 2019

Five Things to Eat in Canada

One of the best things to do while on holiday is to try amazing new food and drink, and here we share five things to eat in Canada that simply cannot be missed!


A combination of delicious fries, cheese curds, and meat-based gravy, poutine is a dish that can be turned to when you need a bit of comfort food. Although the original dish doesn’t come with extra toppings, feel free to add a number of meats, particularly pulled pork or bacon, to give it a boost.

Poutine is also a great side dish to a Montreal smoked meat sandwich. This meat is all brisket and melts in the mouth, making it another top Canadian food to try.

Montreal bagels

Similar to American bagels, the Canadian version is thinner and denser with a larger hole and a sweeter taste. These bagels are traditionally topped with either poppy or sesame seeds and are baked in a wood fire oven which gives them a distinctive taste.


If butter tarts aren’t quite satisfying your sweet tooth, head to BeaverTails where you can get their signature dessert – deep fried dough topped with gooey toppings including peanut butter and chocolate spread, plus anything from banana and Oreos to M&Ms and Reese’s Pieces.

Butter tarts

A wonderfully moreish sweet treat, butter tarts consist of a flaky pastry case filled with a mixture of butter, sugar, and egg, making them simple but very tasty. Some recipes also use raisins, pecans, or walnuts, but the plain versions are thought to be the original and best option.

Caesar Cocktail

The only cocktail that you need to try while you’re in Canada, the Caesar is made from Clamato juice (a combination of tomato and clam juice), vodka, Worcester sauce, and Tabasco. Very similar to a Bloody Mary, but more refreshing due to being thinner than its tomato juice equivalent, Caesar cocktails tend to forget the traditional celery garnish and come with a burger, battered shrimps, or onion rings instead!

With so many delicious things to eat in Canada, order your free holiday brochures and plan your foodie trip today!