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Great Summer Holiday Destinations

Friday 26 May 2017

Great Summer Holiday Destinations

A summer holiday is the highlight of the year for many people, and choosing where to go can be tricky as there are so many great summer holiday destinations to choose from.

With plenty of fantastic places that can be reached within just six hours, which offer hot weather, lovely beaches, and fun activities, you are sure to be able to find somewhere that you love for a one or two week break in the sun.


With a choice of holidaying on the mainland, or one of its stunning islands, Greece boasts beautiful beaches, mountain views, lush forests, fabulous cities, and striking castles, so you are sure to find an area, and activity, that suits you.

Also known for its healthy and delicious food, Greece has a rich history which can be discovered through tours, or your own exploration, and gives you the opportunity to learn something new while enjoying the sun!


One of the things that makes Malta stand out is the hospitality of its people, as the Maltese are renowned for making their guests feel at home and being extremely friendly and helpful, which gives this great summer holiday destination a wonderful atmosphere.

With a range of museums and attractions to explore, as well as gorgeous beaches to spend time sunbathing on, Malta is easy to get around, with most attractions within a short distance of each other, so you can guarantee a stress-free trip.

Cape Verde

A little further afield, Cape Verde is a collection of ten volcanic islands off the coast of Africa which has grown in popularity as a great summer holiday destination quite recently.

With a choice of fun outdoor activities, such as swimming with turtles and exciting windsurfing opportunities, on offer, Cape Verde also boasts golden beaches and stunning views, including mountain landscapes, which make this a wonderful location for relaxing in the sun with a book and your favourite cocktail.

With so many great summer holiday destinations to choose from, why not flick through a selection of our wide range of brochures to discover your ideal match?