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Reasons to visit Goa in summer

Thursday 05 December 2019

Reasons to visit Goa in summer

Goa, a coastline state in India, may offer sunnier weather in the winter, but there are loads of great reasons to visit in summer too! Here, we share just some of them.

Goa is cheaper in summer

As Goa hits peak tourism in the winter, you’ll find that flights and accommodation options are both cheaper during the summer months. This means that you’ll pay less but can still enjoy the same luxury experience across hotels and resorts. In addition to this, food and alcohol will be cheaper too, so you can joy as many local delicacies as you like – pork vindaloo or Goan fish curry anyone?

If you’d like to pick up some souvenirs on your travels, you’ll also be pleased to hear that market vendors will drop their prices during the summer too, which is sure to make for a much more enjoyable shopping trip!

Goa is quieter in summer

We have already mentioned that the summer is much quieter in Goa than the winter, and you can use this to your advantage. Indulge in romantic walks along secluded beaches, have a quiet drink or two in a serene beach bar, and enjoy that fact that your accommodation won’t be crowded. You’ll also find it easier to book activities, particularly water sports which Goa is great for, as there will be fewer people to contend with!

The same can be said for attractions in Goa. You can see all that this beautiful holiday destination has to offer without having to battle for prime-viewing positions with other tourists.

Visit a yoga retreat or wellness centre

Don’t worry about having a rainy day during your holiday to Goa in the summer, as you can escape to one of many wonderful yoga retreats or wellness centres. Relax into stunning surroundings, enjoy healthy food and juices, indulge in a treatment or two, and simply let all of your worries melt away.

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