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Three things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Thursday 28 November 2019

Three things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Looking for a holiday packed full of fun and adventure? Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, could be the perfect destination for you. Combining iconic landmarks and beautiful beaches, this amazing city has all you could possibly wish for.

See Christ the Redeemer

Although this famous monument can be seen from the city, due to its location atop the 700m tall Corcavado mountain, heading up to see the views from Christ the Redeemer is something you simply must do during your time in Rio de Janeiro.

There are three ways to reach the peak, and the one you choose will depend on how adventurous you’re feeling. The first option is to get a taxi to the halfway point where you can transfer into a van. The second is to get the train to the same spot and then continue in the van. The train is often the more preferable option as it takes longer so you can admire the views. Alternatively, brave the walk up the secret path behind the Parque Lage. This way you’ll meet monkeys and lizards as well as being able to admire the vegetation and waterfalls as you pass.

Experience Sugarloaf Mountain

For views across Rio that include Christ the Redeemer, look no further than Sugarloaf Mountain. This landmark is surrounded by water, and can be reached by cable car or hiking. The cable car can be taken the whole way up the mountain, or you can hike to the halfway point, Morro da Urca and then catch the cable car from there. If you’re feeling fit, opt to hike all the way up Sugarloaf Mountain. There are around 40 different paths you can take, some more challenging than others, or you can opt for a tour for added confidence.

Relax on the beaches

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its beaches – Copacabana in particular! This beach is known worldwide for its lively, vibrant atmosphere, and offers 4km of sand to walk along, or relax upon. If you’d like a more laidback beach experience, Ipanema beach might be a better option. This super cool spot is the perfect place to lay back and watch the sun set – especially after a busy day of exploring!

Now that you know what you can do in Rio de Janeiro, order your free Brazil holiday brochures and start planning your trip today!