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Tips for taking a train across Canada

Thursday 20 February 2020

Tips for taking a train across Canada

If you’ve been thinking about taking a train across Canada, read our handy tips before you travel.

Travel during the winter

Sure, Canada gets really cold in the winter, but taking a train journey across this magical country during the cold season comes with plenty of benefits. Firstly, both the train and the places that you visit will be quieter than they are in the summer. This means that you can avoid competing with others for the best views and photos! In addition to this, train tickets are cheaper during the winter, and you’ll find that everything at the places where you decide to get off will be cheaper during this time of year too. Finally, you’ll get the best of the views throughout winter, as the trees are bare which allows you to see more of the landscape.

Browse ticket types

There are a number of different ticket types available when you take the train across Canada, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your budget. Take a look at all of the options on offer before you make your selection, as you might be able to add on some extras to make your trip even more special. For example, you might like a shared room, private cabin, or even a high-end option including unlimited drinks and a TV!

Plan for delays

Whenever you have to rely on public transport it’s wise to plan for delays. However, delays to trains across Canada can disrupt your travel plans if you don’t prepare for them. Freight trains share the same track as the cross-country train, and they have priority due to the fact that they can be miles long! This means that you could find yourself sitting on the train for up to 40 minutes waiting for a freight train to pass. To avoid this potentially having an impact on your sightseeing plans, or making you late for tours or connections, it is suggested that you add an extra day to each stage of your itinerary – just to be safe!

Now that you’ve read our tips for taking a train across Canada, it’s time to order your free travel brochures so that you can plan your trip!