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Reasons to visit Salzburg

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Reasons to visit Salzburg

If you’re craving a holiday in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, look no further than the stunning Austrian city of Salzburg. With stunning architecture and fascinating history to find around every corner, here are our top reasons to visit Salzburg for your next holiday.

You can embrace the great outdoors

Everything about Salzburg is beautiful, and a holiday here is sure to make you forget the hassles of daily life. The town is a wonderful combination of gorgeous architecture, stretches of water, and lush greenery, so being outside will never get boring.

Take your pick of parks, gardens, and lakes to wander around, or simply join the locals for a drink in the meadows by the river. You’ll also find that Salzburg changes dramatically with the seasons, so visiting at any time of year is amazing.

There are some fantastic views

There are a number of places you can head to in order to enjoy a great view of Salzburg. Head to the Hohensalzburg Fortress for views across the town, where you can be part of its amazing skyline. Energetic travellers can walk to the fortress in around 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can catch a ride on the funicular which runs every 10 minutes and reaches the top within 60 seconds.

There’s also a great viewpoint outside of the Museum der Moderne. When you look over the town from here, the fortress will be part of the view. You don’t need to pay for museum entry in order to use this viewpoint, and visiting both is a must in order to see the best of everything.

It’s a treat for foodies

One of the best things about Salzburg is its delicious food. Eat high-quality, classic dishes in traditional settings, or opt for some more modern if you prefer food with a contemporary edge. Whatever you like to eat, Salzburg has plenty of fantastic options to explore – and their Oktoberfest is something quite special for foodies too!

With so many great reasons to visit Salzburg, order your free travel brochures and start planning your perfect trip today!