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Three unusual city breaks

Thursday 26 September 2019

Three unusual city breaks

If you’ve already ticked Europe’s most popular cities off of your travel list, you might want to check out some of these unusual city break destinations. You’re sure to discover somewhere new and exciting to explore!

A break in Sofia

As one of the oldest cities in Europe, and the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is a fascinating place to visit for those searching for an unusual city break, and it’s just a short 3 hour flight from London. Discover a number of wonderful churches along cobbled streets, admire the wide range of architectural styles, and enjoy some delicious Bulgarian food in a number of lovely eateries.

Shopaholics will love walking down the fancy Vitosha Boulevard, which is home to a number of high-end boutiques and fashion houses and offers a view of Sofia’s Vitosha Mountain. Ready for some culture? Sofia is home to a number of museums which are themed around everything from archaeology to national history.

A break in Gothenburg

For a break that offers the chic, beautiful, and clean qualities of Sweden, but on a smaller scale than Stockholm, head to the fabulous city of Gothenburg. Located around 2 hours from London by plane, Gothenburg has a relaxed atmosphere that makes it a great place to visit for a chilled out city break, and has lots to offer its visitors.

Enjoy the 175 hectares of botanical garden that can be found in the city centre, venture west to discover the in-depth Volvo museum, or have a day of fun at the Liseberg amusement park, and attraction that is fun for all ages!

A break in Rotterdam

When people decide to go on holiday to the Netherlands, they often opt for the popular city of Amsterdam due to its exciting reputation. However, for an unusual break, you might prefer to visit the cosmopolitan city of Rotterdam instead. Marvel at unique, modern architecture, have a drink in some of the fabulous bars, and immerse yourself in the city’s buzzing nightlife.

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