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The Best Stag Do Locations in Europe

Wednesday 17 October 2018

The Best Stag Do Locations in Europe

Heading away for a short break is becoming a very popular stag do option, and where better to spend a few days with your mates than in one of Europe’s top cities?

Here we look at the best stag do locations in Europe and what you can expect to find when you get there.

Prague – Czech Republic

One of the reasons why Prague is a top choice for a European stag do is that the beer there is very cheap compared to a lot of other cities an there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing what to drink too.

There are loads of fun bar crawls that you can take part in and the nightlife is excellent with a great atmosphere, often due to the number of stag and hen parties that head here looking for a memorable time.

Hamburg – Germany

In comparison to Prague which is the number one drinking destination, Hamburg is a great stag do option if you are hoping for a few fun activities as well as spending time in bars and clubs.

You can combine drinking with activities by opting for a beer bike tour or a visit to a beerhall or brewery, or choose a less beer focused activity like playing 5-a-side football or breaking out of one of a number of escape rooms instead.

Budapest – Hungary

One of the top activities for stags in Budapest is to go and test your shooting skills at one of the ranges, but you’ll also find plenty of other things to do such as go-karting, paintballing, quad biking, and bubble football to name a few.

There are also lots of great bars and clubs to visit when night sets in and you can decide whether to explore what Budapest has to offer on a bar crawl or to research and discover some awesome places for yourself.

As some of the best stag do locations in Europe you won’t be disappointed if you choose one of these for your break, so why not order some free brochures and start planning your trip today?