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Cheeses you have to try in France

Tuesday 09 July 2019

Cheeses you have to try in France

France is well-known for its amazing cuisine, and French cheese is one of those unmissable delicacies that you just simply have to try. But, with so many different types to choose from, how do you know which one is best for you? Here, we look at some of the cheeses you have to try during a holiday in France, and what makes them so delicious!


Named after the village in Normandy, located in the north of France, where it was created in the 18th century, Camembert can thank Napoleon for much of its rise in fame as he spread the word about how much he loved it. Made from cow’s milk, Camembert has a soft texture and a creamy, salty taste, and the best way to eat it is on a chunk of French baguette with a glass of Bordeaux wine.


Distinguishable due to its blue-green veins, Roquefort is one of France’s oldest cheeses and has a very strong taste and smell which makes it quite an acquired taste. Roquefort is first mentioned in records from 79 A.D. and is made from sheep milk in the south of France. In fact, the cheese can only be called Roquefort if it has been made in Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. This cheese is slightly moist in texture and can be easily broken up into small pieces for eating.


Affectionately called Le Roi des Fromages, or the King of Cheeses, Brie was first made in 774 and is named after the French region that it was created in, which is located in the west of France just under 2 hours from Bordeaux. Soft and creamy with an almost sweet taste, Brie is pale in colour and surrounded with a rind of white mould which can be eaten. It is made using either whole or semi-skimmed cow’s milk and is a soft-ripened cheese.

With so many excellent cheeses to try during your holiday in France, order your free holiday brochures and start planning a delicious foodie trip today.